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Hi there! My name is Elena & I designed this blog as a place where all could come to confess their secrets & let go of things that drag them down. Feel free to take in the secrets & confess your own. Remember that everyone's secret is special to them & this blog is for positive support. Enjoy! :)

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All About That Bass - Meghan Trainor

Anonymous said: Just saying to that last anon about the liking your best friends girlfriend, that same shit happened to me (i was the girl) freshman year and we finally broke up senior year and my boyfriends best friend was there for me all 4 years and had a crush on me and then senior year we banged and now we've been dating for 3 years... soo... don't give up, kiddo.

Hell yes.

Anonymous said: There's this girl, who is one of my best friends, I REALLY want to have sex with her, and I'm 90% sure she'll say yes if I ask The problem is my boyfriend isn't into polyamory. I can't have sex with her and not tell him because I know she'll talk to him about it. I don't know what to do. Help?

You can either keep your boyfriend or have sex with your friend. You pick.

Anonymous said: I fell for a girl, who ended up dating my best friend. She still comes to me, for advice and help. But she loves him. Is she using me?

No, she probably sees you as a good friend who gives good advice. I don’t know how she would be “using” you.

Anonymous said: I miss the love I lost with a girl I never kissed. She was beautiful and I took her for granted. We still talk but I feel like it's for nothing. Any advice?

Be honest. Tell her you still have feelings, and if she doesn’t want anything like that, move on. You can always stay friends if you both want to.

Anonymous said: Is everything okay? :(

Haha not really, but I’ll be okay.

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