Postcard Confessions

Hi there! My name is Elena & I designed this blog as a place where all could come to confess their secrets & let go of things that drag them down. Feel free to take in the secrets & confess your own. Remember that everyone's secret is special to them & this blog is for positive support. Enjoy! :)

I am not currently
accepting secrets

“I work as a cashier at Walmart and if you buy things you don’t need with government assistance money, I scan half the items twice.”

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    this was one of the best ones i have seen so far.
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    I need to start doing this at Safeway omg
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    This fucker deserves a bit of his/her own medicine.
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    wow what a fuck face :) aka: im so entitled that if you use gov’t money for anything i don’t deem acceptable, i will...
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    WHAT. A. DICKBAG. You are not the gatekeeper of what people on public assistance need or don’t need and you’re a...
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    wow this should be a secret, because you’re a horrible person. it’s none of your damn business and you’re messing...
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